Million Red Roses or The Woman who Dances

April 1, 2023

“Million Red Roses or The Woman Who Dances” is a biographical theatre dance show about a famous Russian star. The show tells the story of the famous singer Alla Pugacheva (played by Yelena Nesterova) and how she came to find love and live a fulfilling life.

The first act of the show introduces and follows the life of Alla Pugacheva’s career before meeting her husband. The second act takes the audience into the newly blossoming relationship between the stars, and progresses in showcasing their beautiful life together with their children and friends. 

“Million Red Roses or The Woman Who Dances” tells the greatest love story known to the world of art. Along with its political commentary based on the couple’s real-life stance on current affairs, “Million Red Roses” carefully weaves the awareness of brotherhood in the midst of one of the worst historical periods between Russia and Ukraine. Through an extensively-curated playlist of Alla Pugacheva songs, “Million Red Roses” tells a story of family, truth and love from Petrossian Theatre’s culmination of world famous dancers and actors to tell a riveting story based on the historical context of the Super-Star Alla Pugacheva.

Directed & Choreographed by Narine Petrossian