Petrossian Theatre Events

The latest events & performances by the Petrossian Theatre Dance Co.

Once Again – Charles Aznavour

“Once Again – Charles Aznavour” details Charles Aznavour’s life in the two acts along with various historical figures that have influenced his life including Frank Sinatra, Pierre Roche, Edith Piaf, Liza Minelli, and Fred Astaire.

Million Red Roses or The Woman who Dances

“Million Red Roses or The Woman Who Dances” is a biographical theatre dance show.  The show tells the story of the famous singer Alla Pugacheva, starring Yelena Nesterova from the perspective of Maxim Galkin starring Gagik Tadevosyan.

Khachaturian: Winter Tales  Ballet

Written & directed by Narine Petrossian, it is a two act theatrical ballet composed on Aram Khachatuian’s classical suits Macbeth written (1934, 1955), The Widow from Valencia written (1940), Masquerade (1941), written King Lear (1958).